How To Make Your Breast Look Bigger For Cosplay

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Cosplay is a great way to express your more adventurous side or just express your love for dressing up as your favorite character. Many of the characters, most of them female, are portrayed as well endowed girls which may present a challenge to fill in real life. The following are practical hacks for filling out sexy tops and imitating your buxom character without drastically undergoing expensive plastic surgery.

It’s All in the Bra

Veteran cosplayers recommend using strapless push-up bras that can be worn under the sexy top or as is There are so many different kinds of bras that one or two will surely fill the need. Push-up padded bras are available in both high-end name brands as well as general stores that can go as low as $12 each There are also some corset type bras that can be tightened in front to create a more defined cleavage.

Some of these corset types can actually be worn to be seen since a lot of the costumes do have some corsets. Many women who successfully cosplay suggests getting a wired push-up bra one cup size smaller than what you normally wear to make the illusion of a bigger bosom. Experts recommend wearing your right size over it (this means you will be wearing two). This takes some getting used to but the results help in getting you used to this technique fast.

If you are not satisfied with what you have bought, you might want to consider putting inserts in the bra to further emphasize your breasts. Some bras do have slits on the inside to accommodate inserts, while others do not There are also some gel inserts which can be used with any underwear. A cheaper solution to gel or water inserts is rolled up socks, placed strategically to display your assets.

A straightforward way to eliminate all these frustrations is to read thisĀ curvy bust product review and use the cream after you buy it. This cream has a very high success rate of helping you achieve a pair of a bigger bust so that you can avoid trying to appear bigger during cosplay. In case you may be askingĀ where can you buy curvy bust? You can get it online very easily from the review page itself.

Stick to It

Another kind of bra is the stick-on corset which is made of a substance that sticks very well to human skin and has a corset tie in front to “pull” the breasts together to create a cleavage. This can be tricky because sometimes the bra may slip while you are sweating too much or if your skin is too dry. You might also like to try some fashion advice when it comes to wearing challenging dresses or clothes, use boob tape. Celebrities are often seen walking the red carpet in the most daring and exposed clothes without any care in the world regarding nonexistent breasts. Their secret is in the tape. A special kind of tape can be used to cover and shape your cleavage to your satisfaction.

Padding and Alteration

Some costumes may be padded and wearing underwear with these can be cumbersome. The solution is to add more padding to the actual pads on the clothes to go a few cups bigger. If adding pads is too obvious, sewing some stuffing or inserts on the pads or clothes themselves may be the way to go. The key to successfully adding padding is to add these below the bust line and a little bit to the outer side (near the arm pits) so as to expose the tops of the bosom and to push each breast towards each other without covering them with padding. Altering the top of the dress to make the top tighter around the bust may also be a good idea on to how to make your breast look bigger for cosplay.


Applying some shiny highlights or shimmer lotion on the exposed tops of your breasts and cleavage can also contribute to the illusion of a bigger chest. Some women prefer bronzers to even out their skin tone or match the color of their face or arms to the tops of their bosom. Make sure not to make it too shiny of it may appear weird or out of place. You might also apply some makeup on the cleavage to make a create a dark shadow. This dark shadow is an illusion of height and depth which will make your breasts seem bigger and fuller. Aside from the cleavage, you might also like to experiment with applying very light, shadowy makeup at the base of your breasts (where they meet your chest) or near the armpits.

Create Your Own

Aside from buying a bra, adding padding and putting makeup on your chest, there is another way to make your breasts look bigger for cosplay. This solution is to customize your own costume. This idea is great for corsets and breastplates because you can make the chest in these as big as that of the real character. Some cosplayers even make their own fake boobs to complement their costumes. This is applicable to tops that are bikinis or halter tops. There is very little chance of a wardrobe malfunction when you have foam breasts covered in latex to make it look like skin.
You can get really creative with these bigger chest hacks for cosplay. The key to being successful is to try which one works for you and to practice it until it looks and feels right.