A Complete Overview About Dandruff:

Are you facing scary hair-fall condition? Well, if you go deeper, you will come to know that nothing but dandruff is responsible for it. Though dandruff is harmless, the chronic consequences you might face due to the same are quite dreadful. If you maintain your hair and scalp properly then only you can get rid of this unwanted issue.

Facts about dandruff:

  • In most of the cases, excessively oily-scalps invite acute dandruff. White skin-cell flakes clump together for creating dandruff.
  • Dry scalp-skin can also invite dandruff formation. Dry-scalp mainly occurs due to moisture-scarcity.
  • If your scalp has developed any special kind of skin-diseases like eczema, seborrhea dermatitis, psoriasis and others. These diseases cause acute scalp-skin peeling and the peeled-off skins often form dandruff.
  • Yeast-overgrowth is another prominent reason for which your scalp might get attacked with dandruff. If you keep your scalp clean and tidy, then this issue can be avoided in the long run.
  • Immunity problems can often be responsible for dandruff occurrence. Though it might sound a bit strange, this fact has been scientifically proven now.
  • Greasy and itchy scalp often led to the development of dandruff. This dandruff is quite sticky and might create acute scalp-odor.

Many people experience dandruff only during few selected seasons. On the other hand, some others experience the same for the whole year. Dandruff is nothing but dead-skin flakes that come out from your dry scalp.